Rachelle Montoya

Rachelle Montoya

Artist Statement

I create in wonder of living things. Bright colors and tinwork remind me of a distant life in Mexico, never far from the mind's eye.

I make my pictures with metal and paint, in textured surfaces and buried layers. I use my fingers and brushes to delve into the sweetness of life.

Exploring the back roads here in the valley by motorcycle or horse, nature washes over me like a gentle wave, and fills me with a sense of drama and euphoria. On the rural back roads my eyes run wild in the openness of the valley hills, through the casual fence lines to greet an occasional tree.

Spotting the silhouettes of birds and animals dotting the landscape, I feel assured by the vastness of the natural world. The valley has known me my whole life. The sky is a mirror.

These pictures knock gently and swallow my time like an unexpected visitor I am happy to see.

-Rachelle Montoya 2015

Artis Biography 

Rachelle Montoya is a native Californian, born in 1972. She grew up near the Sutter Buttes, in the Sacramento valley. In 1996, she attended San Jose State University, where she received a B.A. in painting and drawing. Her work is influenced by her years spent living in Cuernavaca, and Mexico City, Mexico, and her love of Mexican culture. She currently resides in Chico, California.

All images © Copyright Rachelle Montoya 2015


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