~ Mummy's Bundle ~

The Jewelry of Doug & Mary Hancock

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Silver chevrons/balled silver closures/red glass beads
Chevrons & Hearts
Carnelian/sunstone beads/bronze shields
Shields & Crosses
Silver African Cross, Czech glass beads
Crosses In Midnight
Turquoise frog within 3 silver chevrons
Frog In A Silver Cage

About Doug & Mary Hancock

The Mummy's Bundle collection of designed gemstone jewelry reflects ancient motifs from around the world and innovative modern themes, incorporating silver, pre-Columbian figures, pearls, Czech glass, Swarovski crystals, gemstones and a multiplicity of crystal/stone carvings. These motifs and resources merge to become quite unique handcrafted jewelry which can best be categorized as unique pre-Columbian jewelry.

Doug & Mary Hancock have a truly magical mastery of the bridge that connects the past and present...Mary's extensive education and experience in weaving, ceramics, fiber arts, fashion design, and jewelry provide the fullest compliment of skills and perspectives to an imaginative, ever-changing outpouring of designs. Combined with Doug's archeological background and participation in creation and production, their unique work stands as a singular contribution to the world of jewelry.