Cynthia Schildhauer 

Artist Statement

Top of the Hill

Top of the Hill

My artwork is all about the beautiful contradictions in life. I am immersed in mundane daily life which I rely on...fixing breakfast, teaching, paying bills, meeting friends for coffee, and the most taxing, invigorating & passionate role of being a parent.

On the other hand I am a daily painter who finds it necessary to escape the callings of common, every day life and retreat into the studio: my sanctuary, the casing for my internal life. Much of my motivation to make art stems from the peace and freedom I find in the studio where I attempt to express all the yearnings I experience that go far beyond the visible. Then, inevitably, it becomes time to return to the temporal world to pick up some groceries.

I look for the questions, not the answers because I believe that I can retrieve the answers I that I need from the process of painting and from the finished piece itself. I paint about life as a never ending balancing act: the comforts, trials and tribulations of day to day existence coupled with a gnawing drive and passion to discover and express the deeper, sublime aspects of being human. My intention with my work is to portray life’s stunning contradictions in the most authentic and beautiful, way I can.

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