Bobbi Baldwin

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

Artist Statement

Bobbi Baldwin is a versatile painter who works mostly in oil, soft pastel, and bronze. Her paintings are both figurative and expressive, while her portrait and still life work are completely lifelike in a romantic realism. The portraits are meticulously created with the clear and deep feeling of life exuding from every detail and stroke. The paintings reminiscent of Renoir or Sargent are both vibrant and strong in color and composition.

Bobbi is originally from southern California, where her parents were born and raised, her father a computer engineer from the early days of computing. During her early years the family moved to 7 states and then settled in the Sacramento region of northern California. The influence of the world through travel started in those early days as she visited nearly every state in the United States, later to see many other countries and cultures. Although her childhood was abusive, it gave her the ability to look at life through eyes that were wise with great depth of thinking concerning how every aspect of life fits together. It gave her a passionate appreciation for the beautiful moments individuals often forget to stop and see, furthermore the larger picture that each unique character brings to this world.

Bobbi's paintings of horses, people, and still lives come from a deeply felt reverence that Bobbi has with her subjects. She feels subjects on a level which she is capable of sharing. With her portraits, you will become mesmerized by the eloquence, in love with every element, and intimate with the subject from the deep sense of reality seen in the eyes and features. Her strengths are in her masterful brush strokes, knowledge of color theory, and sensational composition. Her portraits will take your breath away; you truly feel like the subject is with you as well as leaving you with a peaceful feeling.

Drawing upon her 30 years of experience in commission portraits as well as over 27 years of teaching, Bobbi is capable of making her subjects look and feel as if they will turn at any moment and speak to you. Her ability to capture the true nature of a character is unmatched.

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